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Visual Studio 2010, .NET 4.0 & Silverlight 4.0 RC links

A few weeks ago Visual Studio 2010 & .NET 4.0 (CLR, BCL, WPF, WCF, EF, …) release candidates have been released. Last week during the MIX ’10 conference Silverlight 4 & WCF RIA Services v1 RC have been set online. Also a first community preview of Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 has been released. So it’s time to roundup all download locations and links to useful articles, blog posts, videos, samples, …

Visual Studio 2010

.NET 4.0

Entity Framework 4.0

WPF 4.0

WCF 4.0


Silverlight 4.0

Windows Phone Tools

What’s New in the Base Class Libraries in .NET Framework 4


Sharing source code between .NET and Silverlight

A common problem when developing Silverlight applications is how to share classes and especially (Entity Framework) entities which are compiled for the full .NET framework in a Silverlight application. Silverlight is a browser plugin and a platform independent subset of the full .NET framework. Therefore Visual Studio does not allow referencing .NET assemblies from your Silverlight application.

Fortunately there is a very simple technique to share source code. In this article I will try to demonstrate this technique with several real world examples and I will give you some handy tips.