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UI automation with the WPF UIAutomation framework

A few weeks ago I posted an article about White, an open-source framework to automate Windows applications. Now I found out that the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) also provides a new Accessibility API called Microsoft UI Automation.

WPF UIAutomation is a framework from Microsoft to automate Windows applications. I’ve written a new article which will demonstrate a lot of its features (invoking button clicks, focusing controls, entering data, sending keystrokes, subscribing to events, …) and compare it with White.

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UI automation with the White framework and UISpy tool

This weekend I posted a new article which covers the most important features of the open-source White framework and the Microsoft UISpy tool. White can be used for UI automation and my C# .NET application demonstrates how to automate the Windows calculator by sending keystrokes, clicking on buttons and menus, pressing function keys, accessing textboxes, …

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