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Cleaning up and organizing Outlook mailboxes

At the beginning of the year I clean up and organise my Outlook mailboxes. I want to keep Outlook performing as fast as possible so I try to reduce the size of my inbox. Nowadays I use LINQPad, some C# scripts and my OutlookProvider component to simplify this job. I have no idea if these scripts are useful for other developers but why not share them? I have posted a small article on my website which contains these C# scripts.


LINQ and Outlook and OneNote

I am one of these users who works intensively with Outlook and OneNote. They are great tools to manage emails, contacts, appointments, notebooks, … but sometimes they lack querying features. That is why I developed two wrapper classes for Outlook 2007 and OneNote 2007. These 2 classes can be used to execute LINQ to Objects (.NET 3.5) queries on emails, appointments, tasks, notes, contacts, notebooks, sections and pages. So you could call it LINQ to Outlook and LINQ to OneNote.

I published 3 articles about LINQ and Outlook and OneNote :