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Azure Management Libraries

Some months ago I was creating some tools at my work to automate the creation of branches in Team Foundation Server, together with namespaces, build definitions and Azure environments. To create and delete Azure clouds services, databases, storage, websites, services busses, … I used the Azure Management Libraries.

The Microsoft Azure Management Libraries (MAML) are a great collection of .NET NuGet packages which allow you to automate, deploy, and test cloud infrastructure easily. Each package provides client .NET classes for an individual area of the Windows Azure REST services. These classes provide a lot properties and methods which are fully await/async.

There are not that many examples and documentation on the internet yet. So I decided to write a simple article about it with a lot of C# examples. I hope the article can be useful to get started with the Azure Management Libraries.


Live Mesh services

Last week Christophe Geers, a friend of mine, posted a great article about the Live Mesh services and framework. Live Mesh is one of the building blocks of Microsoft’s Azure platform and it allows you to easily synchronize files with all your devices (PC, PDA, smartphone, …) The great thing for us developers is that it also provides REST-based API’s which can be used to query the shared files or to store all kinds of data.

Christophe demonstrates how to query the Mesh, how to create folders and how to upload and download files.

Some months ago another Belgian .NET developer (and trainer) Peter Himschoot also posted an article about Live Mesh which explains how to create your own data structures and how to store and retrieve data.