Silverlight 4 beta and WCF RIA Services CTP

Yesterday Microsoft released some new preview and beta versions of Silverlight, RIA Services, Blend, Media Framework, Toolkit, … It looks like a major update with a lot of new features (webcam support, RichText control, HTML content, access to local files, drag and drop, ICommand, right clicks and mouse wheel support, …) and improvements (data binding, validation, DataGrid, clipboard, styles, unit testing, …) In this post I will refer to the most interesting posts:

  • Tim Heuer gives a great overview with some videos of all new features in Silverlight 4 beta.
  • Fore more detailed information and examples about Silverlight 4 you should take a look at Mike Taulty’s posts.
  • Also Alex Golesh started posting a lot of detailed examples.
  • On Channel9 you can find several hands-on-labs from John Papa that demonstrate all new Silverlight 4 features.
  • Nick Kramer posted a Word document with an overview of the new security features in Silverlight 4.
  • Jeff Wilcox posted a large walkthrough to demonstrate how to use the Silverlight unit testing tools.
  • In the RIA Services forum you will find more information about the new preview of WCF RIA Services. Don’t forget to read the “Breaking changes” document.
  • And Brad Abrams describes the new features in WCF RIA Services CTP that are based on feedback of us developers and he also posted a nice step-by-step guide of his demo at PDC 2009.
  • Gill Cleeren succeeded in creating a blogpost about Silverlight 4 for each day of the month December.

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