New connection providers in LINQPad

A few weeks ago I started testing the beta version of LINQPad 1.35. Some days ago it has been officially released. This great tool from Joe Albahari was introduced in 2007 and nowadays it has become a very mature tool which should be in the toolbox of every .NET developer.

Version 1.35 offers new connection providers and it has native support for LINQ to SQL and the Entity Framework models. It also provides new query types like SQL and Entity-SQL.

I am a fan of this tool and I already demonstrated its features in many of my articles. I was probably one of the first developers who used LINQPad to execute LINQ to Entities queries. In the past you needed to add some references and create the ObjectContext in each script. It was a bit of work but it functioned fine. Now you can do the same thing with the new connection providers but they also offer many advantages. In a small article which can found on my website I will highlight some of the new features.


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