ReSharper 4.5 beta

Today I installed the public beta of ReSharper 4.5. I’m using this tool for more than a year and I really like it. ReSharper integrates in every part of the IDE of Visual Studio and it offers me a big productivity boost. ReSharper provides a lot of great features like all kinds of coding assistance, handy refactorings, code cleanup wizards, fast navigation and search popups, …

The new version 4.5 is mostly about increasing performance and indeed the tool looks even more responsive. Besides it also offers several improvements and I especially like the following onces:

  • Better Silverlight support: code assistance for datatemplates in XAML, …
  • MSTest support: the handy unit test explorer can now be used together with MSTest.
  • New solution-wide warnings and suggestions: unassigned fields, suspicious type conversions or checks, …
  • New naming style configuration for variables, fields, properties, events, methods, enums, interfaces, classes, …
  • New and improved refactorings.

A detailed list of the new features and the download link for this beta version can be found on the website of JetBrains:

Finally I would like to recommend a great plugin for ReSharper. StyleCopForResharper is a plugin which adds all the StyleCop (=Style Analysis) rules to the code assistant and cleanup wizard of ReSharper. It is not so easy to find the perfect combination of all the rules from Code Analyses, ReSharper and StyleCop but you really should give it a try:


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