Silverlight posts and updates

The last few weeks several interesting blogposts and updates of tools and components for Silverlight have been posted. I will try to give a small summary:

  • Microsoft released a minor update for the Silverlight 2 runtime.
  • Moonlight 1.0, the Linux implementation of Silverlight 1.0 has been released by Novell. The first alpha version of Moonlight 2.0, which will include Mono 2.0, is planned for March 2009.
  • The patterns & practices team at Microsoft released the Composite Application Guidance 2.0 (Prism) and it now also supports Silverlight. If you want to build modular and composite Silverlight LOB applications, then you certainly need to check this out
  • Koen Zwikstra released an update of his great Silverlight Spy tool.
  • Karl Shifflett released version 4.0 of his XAML Power Toys. It provides several great wizards which help you to create business forms or viewmodels in Silverlight.
  • A very interesting article about M-V-VM from Josh Smith has been published on MSDN. The article demonstrates the Model-View-ViewModel pattern in WPF but this pattern is also very useful in Silverlight.
  • Also Pencho Popadiyn posted an interesting article about M-V-VM in Silverlight.
  • Chris Anderson published a sixth part of his series “Building a Silverlight Line-Of-Business Application”. In part 6 he introduces a handy HTML Viewer Control for Silverlight.
  • Bart Czernicki has added a new post in his series “Silverlight 3: What we Know So Far & What We Can Predict “. Microsoft will demonstrate Silverlight 3 during MIX09 in Vegas and I’m sure Bart and others will post a lot of information about this future version after March 18th.
  • Christoph de Baene (who is helping our company to build a great Silverlight SOA framework) has posted a short item about intercepting WCF messages in Silverlight.

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