Silverlight 2 links

Now Silverlight 2 has been officially released I have been taking a closer look at this promising technology for building Rich Internet Applications. Silverlight 2 implements a full CRL and a lightweight class library which includes new visual controls (DataGrid), XML web service support, networking components and LINQ.

In this post I would like to share some interesting links to websites, blogs, articles, videos, thirdparty control vendors, …


  • : The main source for all Silverlight developers. News, showcases, tutorials, samples, videos, …
  • : An independent Silverlight Community which provides nice articles, examples, showcases, …
  • : Beautiful website with tutorials, samples and videos about Silverlight and Blend.
  • Blog Scott Gurthrie : Scott Guthrie created a comprehending series of 8 tutorials that explain the different programming concepts behind Silverlight.
  • Blog Scott Morrison : Scott’s blog contains a lot of fascinating info about the DataGrid and other Silverlight controls.
  • Blog Jesse Liberty : Jesse is also a Microsoft employee who posts a lot of detailed Silverlight examples and background information.
  • Blog Jeff Wilcox : Another Microsoft employee who is one of the developers of the Microsoft.Silverlight.Testing unit test framework.
  • Blog Tim Heuer : Tim has an interesting blog with a lot of Silverlight topics.
  • Blog Manish Dalal : Blog with interesting topics about building Silverlight business applications (DataGrid issues, paging, validation, …)
  • Blog Michael Sync : Nice blog about using Silverlight controls.
  • Blog Lee : Blog with great tips about Silverlight controls and themes.
  • Blog Mike Taulty : Blog with interesting WPF and Silverlight posts.
  • Blog Martin Grayson : Blog of one of the BlackLight and Patient Journey Demonstrator developers.
  • Blog Chris Anderson: Chris has posted a nice series of articles about developing LOB (Line-Of-Business) applications with Silverlight.
  • Blog DimeBrain : Daniel Crenna created a series of articles on building LINQ + WCF + Silverlight applications based on the AdventureWorks data model.
  • Blog Karl Shifflett : Karl has written an interesting article about displaying data in design time in WPF and Silverlight projects.
  • Application Architecture Guide: Second edition of the free e-book from the Microsoft Patterns & Practices department. Check out the chapters about the RIA (Rich Internet Application) architecture.
  • And finally I would like to refer to one of my own articles about value converters. I updated this article because almost all my WPF value converters can also be used in Silverlight 2 applications.


  • XAML Power Toys : Karl Shifflett released a great set of Visual Studio 2008 SP1 addins for generating WPF/Silverlight forms, modifying layouts in XAML, …
  • Silverlight Spy : Koen Zwikstra created a powerful tool which provides detailed inspection of Silverlight applications. It allows you to view and export XAP package contents, to view files in isolated storage, to monitor memory consumption, …

Free controls & libraries

  • Silverlight Toolkit : This is a great collection of Microsoft Silverlight controls, components and utilities made available outside the normal Silverlight release cycle. The first release includes 12 controls like a TreeView, DockPanel, Chart, AutoCompleteBox, … and several themes. Don’t forget to visit the online controls and charts demos.
  • Silverlight Contrib : This nice collection of open-source Silverlight controls and libraries (Color Picker, Cool Menu, Zip compression, String utilities, Wheel Mouse Listener, …) can also be found on the CodePlex website. Check out their online demo.
  • Blacklight : Another CodePlex project that contains some great Silverlight controls. Especially the DragDockPanel is amazing.
  • Unity : The Unity Application Block 1.2 from the Microsoft Patterns and Pratices group has been ported to Silverlight.
  • Composite Silverlight (Prism) : Guide and application block to build modular and dynamic Silverlight applications.
  • Vertigo Slide.Show : A good-looking Silverlight application to navigate through photo albums and to show pictures fullscreen in a browser.

Thirdparty controls

Several thirdparty vendors are showing previews or releasing their first versions of visual Silverlight controls.


Some great online demos of Rich Internet Applications.


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