First preview of the WPF DataGrid

Some weeks ago Microsoft released the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and Visual Studio 2008 SP1. In addition to the service pack, the WPF DataGrid CTP has been made available at the CodePlex website.

According to the info at the CodePlex WPF Toolkit page:

The WPF Toolkit is a collection of WPF features and components that are being made available outside of the normal .NET Framework ship cycle. The WPF Toolkit not only allows users to get new functionality more quickly, but allows an efficient means for giving feedback to the product team. Many of the features will be released with full source code as well.

A DataGrid is an essential component for many applications and I’m glad to see that Microsoft is releasing a first version of such a component. The new WPF DataGrid is looking quite good with support for styles and templates, reordering and resizing columns, cell editing, multi column sorting, multi row selection, freezable columns, …

There is no full support for filtering and grouping. Of course you can use CollectionViews to filter or group data but it is not interactive like (WinForms) grids from Developer Express or other thirdparty vendors. Hopefully this will be introduced in the final or future versions.

I like this first DateGrid CTP and hope it will encourage people to start using WPF when developing desktop applications.

More information about the new WPF DataGrid can be found at:

Vincent Sibal already created a small sample application that demonstrates all the features. Check it out!


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