Amazing Silverlight demo

A few days ago the Microsoft Health Common User Interface team released a great Silverlight 2 (beta) demo.

Whether or not you’re involved in the healthcare sector, the Healthcare Demonstrator is a great showcase of the power of the new Silverlight technology. Silverlight enables designers and developers to bring state-of-the-art user experiences to the web. These 3 applications demonstrate some new ideas and it is great for learning and thinking about future developments. It is the most amazing Silverlight/WPF demo I’ve already seen and you really need to spend at least 10 minutes at this website.

Finally I would like to refer to an older WPF demo application which was released in the summer of 2007. The Family.Show WPF application from Vertigo is also a very good example how to create compelling and great looking user interfaces with the latest Microsoft technologies.


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