WPF treeviews and LINQ to SQL

I was trying to learn a little bit more about WPF (.NET 3.0) data binding and using my knowledge about LINQ to SQL (.NET 3.5) at the same time. So I created a small tutorial how to create nice looking WPF treeviews which are populated with data using LINQ to SQL.

Article WPF treeviews and LINQ to SQL on SCIP.be

Topics which are being covered are :

  • LINQ to SQL : Fetching master-detail
  • LINQ to SQL : Grouping
  • LINQ to SQL : Inheritance
  • WPF : Databinding with TreeView
  • WPF : Resources & templates
  • WPF : Styles
  • WPF : DataTrigger and conditional formatting
  • WPF : Value converter to show language-dependent descriptions
  • WPF : Value converter to get resource bitmap
  • WPF : Value converter to get bitmap from database
  • WPF : Image reflection



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One response to “WPF treeviews and LINQ to SQL”

  1. Atul Gupta says :

    Very neat. I like it and the detailed explanation helps a lot.

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